Start Graphics Debugging for Unity

Hi there,

I’m excited to use NSight to profile my Unity VR game, especially my compute shader performance. I was able to start a Performance Analysis correctly, but have had trouble getting the Frame Debugger to work. When I select Window > Nsight> Start Graphics Debugging, I get the following popup notifications: The documentation says to make a build through Visual Studio, and then it will auto-attach once the build starts running. However, since this is a Unity project I need to make a build through Unity. How can I specify the build location manually after it’s made from Unity, such that the Graphics Debugger can attach to it? The Performance Analysis tool has a flow to specify the build location, and that has been working great.


Looks like this has the solution:

If you want to use “Start Graphics Debuggin”:

  • create a new C++ empty project
  • copy/paste the Unity build (with the associated folder) where VS project generate the build (if you are in debug mode it should be projectName/Debug/ )

Now Nsight should be able to capture a frame and debug it. ;)


From the sshot, it seems you choose the wrong startup project to launch Nsight Graphics Debugger. as stickman13540 pointed out, you need to generate your Unity game as a binary like xxx.exe, create a dummy visual studio project to use Nsight Graphics Debugger.


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