Android Application with Native Code ( TADP 2.0r9 )

I’m using vs2013. My goal is to be able to debug on the device using normal tools and not that eclipse mumbo-jumbo.
I installed TADP to default location, created “Android Application with Native Code” sample project and tried to build: it doesn’t work.

The ant step fails, some of the strange messages that I see:

[dependency] WARNING: unable to write jarlist cache file c:\work\AndroidTest1\AndroidTest1\c:\work\AndroidTest1\AndroidTest1\Tegra-Android\Debug\bin\jarlist.cache

As you can see, for some reason it repeats the path twice.

My problem was related to “Could not reserve enough space for object heap”, very strange. Eclipse build never showed me such error, and I have like 10GB of available ram.

When building the log also says:

1>  Building using ANT_OPTS: ' -Xms256m -Xmx512m'...
1>  Building using ANT_ARGS: ' -Dtarget=android-15'...

but it looks like I still had to add global env variable: that _JAVA_OPTIONS=-Xmx512M
Now I can build and it runs on the device.

I’d like to add one minor feature request. In VS you can add a static library to a project (just like a c++ file) and contents of that static lib will be added to the result of the project that it’s added to.
With TADP that doesn’t work, and I need to manually added my lib to the linker options.

Another minor request: can I modify font used by logcat (Android Log window)?
I use formatted output and it’s kind of important to have an option for text portion to use monospace font.

ctrl+f11 switches to disassm, but second press doesn’t switch to c/c++ view.

Hi pablo80,

I’ll reply in this post to all four of your comments.
#1 - Could you please check the Nsight Tegra version that you have installed? It can be found in VS’s Help -> About dialog. This issue was fixed in 1.5.1.
#2, #3 - Great suggestions, I’ll register them in our internal tracker.
#4 - We are aware of that one, it will be fixed sometime in the future.

Thank you for the feedback, it’s much appreciated!

It says “NVIDIA® Nsight™ Tegra Development Platform, Visual Studio Edition 1.5.1”
Dmitry, any clue how I could enable profiling on my tegra devices? I have multiple devices off the shelf with tegra chipsets, but none of them work with profiler:

NVIDIA Tegra System Profiler
2.0.18328614 Windows-x64

[Error] OS image is not compatible with Tegra System Profiler
This device doesn’t contain built-in support for Tegra System Profiler. Loadable kernel module was not found for this device.

Hi pablo80,

Thanks - we’ll fix thee issue with the environment variables in one of the future releases.

Unfortunately, I cannot help you with Tegra System Profiler, but I’m sure somebody will respond soon.