Not compilngi Java code

I’m trying to convert an eclipse project over to the nsight tegra edition for VS. Problem I’m getting is that it build the CPP fine (I had to hack it pretty heavily to work with android-ndk-r8d and give me full C++11 support mind!). Immediately after building the C++ it then just simply says “failed”.

1> All outputs are up-to-date.
1>Build FAILED.
1>Time Elapsed 00:00:00.04
========== Build: 0 succeeded, 1 failed, 0 up-to-date, 0 skipped ==========

The above show the so is being built (which i have confirmed externally) but it just won’t build all the java code which leaves me stuffed.

Does anyone have any idea whats going on?


Hmmm. So setting the android Target API Level to Android-9 (instead of Android-8) fixes the issue …

Thanks for the report. We believe that we have this issue fixed in an upcoming release.

Thanks for that. When is this next build going to be released?

I’m currently having all sorts of problems with neon code. I can’t get ARM_NEON to be defined. Manually defining it causes the arm_neon.h to throw loads of errors on the builtins.

Furthermore I can’t seem to find cpu-features.h …

Not to mention I can’t actually debug anything anyway as it complains about the gdbserver not being present … It does at least upload the code to the device.

I’d rather hoped that this would be LESS problematic than “standard” android development but as it is I’m currently finding it less usable with my Nexus 7 than I found eclipse and thats quite an achievement :(

Which is a real shame because I would love to do all my development with developer studio in some usable form.

Ok I’ve cracked the ARM_NEON problem. You need to add “-mfloat-abi=softfp” to the command line.

Next on the list … cpu-features.h

Ok sorted the cpu-features by copying the .h and .cpp into my project.

I’ve also got the gdb working by manually placing the gdbserver in the android/Debug and android/Release directories.

I can’t figure out how its supposed to get there through the MSBuild files though …

And its already proving such a help! :D

Hello Gozzeh,

I’m glad that you liked it!

NOTE: I use | throughout this post as a backslash replacement because forum engine keeps removing any backslashes I input.

If you have created the project with Nsight Tegra and Configuration Type is “Application (.so -> .apk)”, then you could try to include cpu-features.h like this:

#include <machine|cpu-features.h>

This should work because ndk-root|platforms|android-14|arch-arm|usr|include is used for headers search by default.

It’s strange that you got messages about the missing gdbserver and even stranger that copying it to the output directory helped to fix the issue. Usually Nsight Tegra copies it from the installed NDK to libs|architecture-name folder in your project and binaries from that location are automatically packed into .apk. Could you by any chance provide us a sample project that fails to build or debug without copying the gdbserver to the output? That would greatly help to localize and fix the issue in our code.

Best regards,
Dmitry Polyanitsa

If you look at machine|cpu-features.h you’ll see its not actually the file I’m after.

As for the gdbserver problem. Its quite possible that my hacking to make it work with android-ndk-r8d, x86 and mips has caused the issue so I’m not so worried. (This tool would be amazing if x86 and mips was supported as it would negate any reason to use eclipse. I know they’re not your supported platforms but it does leave me disinclined to use whats turning out to be an, otherwise, excellent tool)

I’d love to know how I can get support for the library too.

Hello Gozzeh,

Sorry for the wrong assumption about the cpu-features. Including is not currently supported in Nsight Tegra. We are aware of this bug and will have it fixed.

Best regards,