Nsight Tegra fixes since release (check here to see if your bug has been fixed)

Since the initial release, the following bugs have been fixed:

  • Native sources are always rebuilding in VS2012
  • Android Libraries cannot be referenced using standard Ant mechanisms
  • Project upgrader modifies the configuration names in addition to the platform names
  • Dynamic and static library templates cannot be created
  • Linker -> Input -> Additional Dependencies does not take libs by the path anymore

If you’ve encountered one of more of these issues, please re-install the latest version from http://developer.nvidia.com/tegra-resources


In addition to that, here’s what was fixed in TADP 2.0r6’s version of Nsight Tegra:

  • It's impossible to specify the root Ant target
  • Rare VS crash when there are very old logcat records
  • It's impossible to edit per-file C/C++ config in VS2012

We’ve updated Nsight Tegra from version to version 1.6.014227 with the following changes:

  • Added support for NDK r10 (32bit target only)
  • Keys created via Signing dialog now have correct validity (in years, not in days)
  • JVM options now propagate into the dex build stage, _JAVA_OPTIONS workaround shouldn't be required anymore
  • APK launching won’t fail anymore if activity label contains a whitespace
  • .S assembly files are now compiled with a C preprocessor step
  • Reverted to using GDB from Nsight Tegra 1.5.1 as the new one is reported to crash on several projects. Newer GDB had a fix for debugging projects built with Clang and precompiled headers. You can switch back to using it by setting Tools -> Options -> Android -> Debug -> Use Experimental GDB to True.

On 19th of November we’ve updated Nsight Tegra from version to version with the following changes:

  • Made debugging on Android L devices more stable
  • Added the ability to set the native API level for the project. This will default to Min API Level for the new projects and to Target API Level for old ones. A warning will be shown when native API level doesn't match Min API Level
  • Added missing Clang 3.5 toolchain to the toolchain selector

We’ve just updated Nsight Tegra from version to version with the following changes:

  • Fixed the soname of the built shared libraries (it was always empty)
  • Fixed hangs/timeout issues some of the users were experiencing during the debug launch process
  • Fixed inability to merge normal archives into a thin archive
  • Fixed gdbserver uploading/choosing mechanism to continue if one of the steps throws an exception

This release is not a part of TADP3.0r4 and should be downloaded and installed manually: https://developer.nvidia.com/gameworksdownload#?dn=nsight-tegra-visual-studio-edition-2-0-refresh

EDIT: this release is now a part of updated TADP 3.0R4.