IMX378 camera image noisy on Jetpack4.4 with Jetson Nano B01

We are producing IMX378 camera module.
I updated the driver and device tree, but the output image, like the attachment, is very noisy.

The old board Jetson Nano A02(Jetpack4.2) had a nice image, but do I need to make any other settings?

Replace the badge info in dt not to duplicate any of the badge of the reference board.

badge = “porg_front_RBPCV2”;

The cause was the gain and exposure settings.
When I changed the value, it became a beautiful picture.

We will also update the website for Jetpack 4.4 support.

Any chance for Xavier-NX support as well? It seems to be mainly a matter of DTS definitions as the Xavier uses t194 instead of t186