In the official example of learning YOLOv7 Qat

what is the function apply_custom_rules.to_quantizer?

def apply_custom_rules_to_quantizer(model : torch.nn.Module, export_onnx : Callable):

# apply rules to graph
export_onnx(model, "quantization-custom-rules-temp.onnx")
pairs = find_quantizer_pairs("quantization-custom-rules-temp.onnx")
for major, sub in pairs:
    print(f"Rules: {sub} match to {major}")
    get_attr_with_path(model, sub)._input_quantizer = get_attr_with_path(model, major)._input_quantizer

for name, bottleneck in model.named_modules():
    if bottleneck.__class__.__name__ == "Bottleneck":
        if bottleneck.add:
            print(f"Rules: {name}.add match to {name}.cv1")
            major = bottleneck.cv1.conv._input_quantizer
            bottleneck.addop._input0_quantizer = major
            bottleneck.addop._input1_quantizer = major

Hi @1017948396 ,
Can you please help us with the reference?