Incompatible Driver error on GTX970 when running vulkan 1.0.5

I have downloaded the most recent SDK from the LunarG website and when I tried making a simple application with some application info defining Application Info with “VK_API_VERSION” it throws an error.

I can resolve it by changing it to 1.0.3 but I have the 1.0.5 runtime downloaded. As far as I can find on the Vulkan website the 970 should support 1.0.5 and I am on the latest version I can see (364.51).

One thing I have noticed however is that when I first downloaded 364.51 it installed Vulkan 1.0.3 runtime libraries and when I downloaded the 1.0.5 SDK it installed the 1.0.5 runtime Libraries as well.

Is it safe for me to uninstall the Vulkan 1.0.3 runtime libraries which were installed by the latest NVidia Driver? And would this fix my problem?

364.51 drivers support Vulkan API version 1.0.4.

Changelog suggest that the March 2nd, Windows 356.45 update adds 1.0.4 support. Currently no further changes regarding the API version are present.

If you need e.g. the extension VK_NV_glsl_shader you may have to wait for a driver update.

Can you test 364.72 WHQL driver?

VK_API_VERSION has been deprecated so the recommendation is to use VK_MAKE_VERSION(1,0,0) or VK_API_VERSION_1_0 when creating your device.

See this for more details:

And as NVD suggested 364.72 WHQL contains our latest Vulkan improvements, for which documents the relevant Vulkan changes.