Unable to create a Vulkan 1.1 instance on Windows

I’m working with a set of examples I maintain and am trying to move into using some of the Vulkan 1.1 extensions and functionality, but I seem unable to create a 1.1 instance / device.

I’m running on a GTX 1070 with 391.35.

I’m using the following code to initialize the instance

vk::ApplicationInfo appInfo;
appInfo.pApplicationName = "VulkanExamples";
appInfo.pEngineName = "VulkanExamples";
appInfo.apiVersion = VK_MAKE_VERSION(1, 1, 0);

vk::InstanceCreateInfo instanceCreateInfo;
instanceCreateInfo.pApplicationInfo = &appInfo;
instance = vk::createInstance(instanceCreateInfo);

But when I fetch the device properties from the one and only VkPhysicalDevice on my system I get the following value for the apiVersion: 0x00400041

I’m surprised both because according to what I’ve seen at GDC, Vulkan 1.1 should have been supported in the drivers on day 1, and additionally, if I request an API version that isn’t supported, the driver is supposed to return an error, not succeed and return a lower version.

My example code is located here: https://github.com/jherico/Vulkan/blob/vulkan_1_1/examples/context/context.cpp

My mistake, wasn’t running the beta driver.