Vulkan Hello World?

Is there any tutorial on creating a Hello World application in Visual Studio?

here’s a great repo for that:

@bluebee Thanks for the link. I don’t want to clutter the forum, but I wonder why GTX 800 Series is not supported, but older and newer ones are. When trying to run the above examples, I got the error:

Fatal Error
Could not create Vulkan instance:

I have GTX860M, Windows 10 (64-bit) and installed the 64-bit driver

I honestly don’t know that github repo isn’t mine. I am on debian with a geforce 750M but there aren’t vulkan drivers available so I haven’t been able to write any vulkan code as of yet.

Since we’re on the topic, Is there anywhere I can see a simple example of using Vulkan for compute only tasks?
Everything I’ve see so-far has been for rendering or graphics output.
Can anyone point me to an example to get started using compute only ?