Incorrect PWM output signal

I have tried to use the NVIDIA jetson-gpio python script to produce PWM signals. However, I have been getting sinusoidal waves instead.

I have checked the pin configuration and all pwm is activated, especially the pin 18 used in the example.

The attached pin, white is pin 18 and yellow is ground.

Can you also probe the other side of level shift of pin 18 to check if it is sine wave too?

The other side nearer towards the Orin is PWM. I think it might be jumper wire being unsuitable. I have change different jumper wires and resulting PWM on the further side from Orin is still always sinusoidal.

Do you have a recommended connector for Orin?

It looks like the CL issue of wires. You can use probe onto the pin directly to reduce CL.

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