PWM on Orin Developer Kit

Hello, i am trying to drive both servo and ESC with the PWM outputs of Orin’s which are @Pin15&pin18. I already configured related pins from the /opt/nvidia/jetson-io/ as pwm output. But at the moment i could not drive the ESC despite i can drive servo. When i check the signals on oscilloscope it hard to say that those signals are pwm. It seems like sinus. I can run the motor setup with signal jenerator with the desried pwm signals. Unfourtunately i could not get the same signal from the pins 15&18. I already have RPI_GPIO library which says it is also compatible with jetsons. How can i get pwm output from those pins ?

hello FurkanRAytac,

you’re using JetPack 5.0.1 Developer Preview, right?
please refer to release note, L4T release notes r34.1.1 DP. there’s an issue for GPIO configurations.
you may have GPIO configuration through pinmux register, please see-also Topic 220249 for an alternative ways to configure the pin.

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