Increase performance of RDSH

Hi all!

How could to increase performance graphics of RDSH Desktop Sessions?

I have a server with VMware ESXi 6.7 and many VMs of Windows Server 2019.
One of this I have enable RDSH services for connect 10/15 concurrent users (not VDI, simple RDP session).

How is the best solution of buy?Example:

  • Tesla T4 in pass-through and assigned to VM? In the VM install particular driver?
  • vApp licenses for 10/15 users?

Your help is very much appreciated
Have a nice day.


Yes, use the T4 with vApps licenses. You can either run 1x RDSH VM with the full 16A vGPU Profile, or you could run 2x RDSH VMs each with an 8A vGPU Profile depending on your requirements.

vApps licenses are Per CCU, so you’ll need 10-15 vApps licenses (whichever is the total CCU you end up with).



Hi MrGRID, thank you for the answer !
It’s all clear… I have another question:

  • It’s possibile to licensing only VM (1 or 2 in case I use 16A/8A) and not users?



Sorry, I’m not sure I understand your question? Could you write it in a different way please?



I bougth an Tesla T4 and I installed in a Supermicro server with ESXi 6.7.

Configuring in passthrough:

And assign to a virtual Windows Server 2016 with RDSH services:

In the server I installed only “452.39_grid_win10_server2016_server2019_64bit_international.exe”.
I would to continue with installation of the license server but I have a problem with nvidia control panel, it’s impossibile to assign an ip of license server for vApp:

Where am I doing wrong ?