Infiniband Partitioning in RoCEv2

Is there a way to use Infiniband partitioning for Mellanox with Ethernet link layer(I am using RoCEv2)?

In RoCEv2 spec Subnet Managment is defined not applicable and Methods for setting the P_Key table associated with a RoCEv2 port are not defined. But still The P_Key contained in the BTH is validated for inbound packets as required by the packet header validation protocols defined in Chapter 9 of the base specification.

C9-42: If the destination QP is QP1, the BTH:P_Key shall be compared to the set of P_Keys associated with the port on which the packet arrived. If the P_Key matches any of the keys associated with the port, it shall be considered valid.

Partition is a feature for InfiniBand, but RoCE is Ethernet, So it is not the same thing.

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