Information request Ubuntu 16.04 and GTX 1080 in VM

I am trying to get nVidia drivers to work in Ubuntu 16.04.2 setup in a VM but am having little luck. My GPU is a 1080 founders edition.

Which driver should I use and how do I install it correctly? I am fairly new to Linux so be gentle :)

What kind of hardware are you using? Board, chipset, cpu…
What kind of virtualisation? kvm, xen, vmware…
What is the host OS?
What is the guest OS?
Other than that, I think this might not be the right forum to ask, but with a bit more info maybe someone could point you to the right place.

Motherboard is a Gigabyte x99 Phoenix SLI
CPU = i7 5930k
GPU = GTX 1080 Founders
System RAM = 64Gb DDR4
VM is Oracle VirtualBox latest version
Host OS = Windows 10 w/creative update
Guest OS = Ubuntu 16.04.2

Thanks for the response btw.

That won’t work. You need pci passthrough and VirtualBox only has experimental support for it and only when the host OS is Linux. With Windows as host, you might go for HyperV, but there it exists only in Server 2016. And I didn’t check if your board supports it. You’d better do some more research on this.

Thanks generix, I do have the ability to use Hyper-V on this system so I guess I will give that a try and see what happens. Any idea on the version I should attempt to install in order to make sure that OpenGl works as well?

Like said pci passthrough with HyperV is only available in the SERVER version. Windows 10 only has simple HyperV support.

I understand generix though I probably didn’t articulate it very well in my response. I am currently checking on the availability of the PCI passthrough from my board manufacturer, and if that doesn’t support it then I will likely have to setup a drive to dual boot into Linux instead of using a VM.