Hype V virtualization: Windows Server 2019 Host. Ubuntu Linux 1804 LTS 64bit Guest. Quadro RTX 6000


I have the following concern and would appreciate help very much:

We are running a Windows Server 2019 (Version 1809 with Hyper-V role) as host. The machine has 4 Quadro RTX 6000 cards. We want to create a setup that serves 4 virtualized guest systems that each have a dedicated GPU to their disposal (pass-through). Those guests shall run either Windows or Linux.

We got it to work with the Windows guests (DDA). We followed the Microsoft manual by dismounting the cards from the host and adding the assignable devices to the guests. Everything works fine.

However, we do not get it to work with the Linux guests. We followed the same procedure. As long as the GPU is not added, the guest OS starts fine. But when we add the device Linux is not booting. It got stuck before starting the graphical output. We already tried installing the NVidia device drivers. That did not solve the problem.

So my questions from general to specific are:

  • Am I at the right place to ask the question or where should I pose it?
  • Do you need more information to understand my problem?
  • Are we doing something completely wrong that cannot work possibly?
  • Do we need addiditional NVidia Licenses that I do not know about?
  • Shall we use a different Linux distro?
  • What else shall I try to get it to work?

Thank you very much for your time,