Infrared stereovision camera

Hi guys,

I’m looking for a stereovision camera that can be used with the JetsonTX2 and also has IR capabilities. To be more specific I need a camera that can be used at close range (10-50cm) to detect insect using IR images and get their 3D position using the stereo.

From my research I found differents companies producing interesting products and I’d like some opinions if you guys used one of these:

  • Intel RealSense camera series (whatever the model)
  • MyntAI --> I can’t find much advice on those product, that’s why I’m asking here as I saw they have a partnership with Nvidia
  • E-Con System --> propose very low resolution (TaraXL) and I don’t know if their StereoCam or even TaraXL has IR capabilities

If any of you has experience with one of these I’d be glad to hear it !


I guess only the RealSense camera have IR function.