Suggestions on RGB-D camera for computer vision work.

Hey guys,

I’m in need of a suggestion for RGBD cameras I could get off the shelf. I currently have tested Intel Realsense R200 and ZED cameras on the TX2 but have very little success for both. I am testing it with ROS Kinetic on Ubuntu 16.04, TX2 with JetPack 3.1. Both hardware are working on a x64 Ros Kinetic laptop.

Intel RealSense R200: Works only ONCE. After Ctrl-C on the realsense node, it raises a flag to SIGTERM and subsequent launches gives pages of errors. Would have to unplug and replug in the USB to have it working again.

ZED camera as a direct connection to the USB 3.0 Port:
On roslaunch, “cannot find camera”
Using the ZED Diagnostic tool, Camera Test failed. USB Bandwidth is too low.
running the ZED Examples, works absolutely fine.

Am open to more hardware suggestions and/or software fixes (please give very concise step by step details)

Which version of JetPack are you using? If it’s JetPack 3.2, Stereolabs is preparing the update for it. Either way, I’d recommend you contact support AT to get your ZED working. If you haven’t seen it there’s also the Duo3D stereo camera.

Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll contact StereoLabs. Would you know if the Duo3D stereo camera is plug and play? If so, which model would you suggest?

I’m looking for a plug and play one, so any camera tested on Jetson TX2, with JetPack3.2 is what I’d be going for.

Similar to ZED SDK, the Duo3D cameras have the CUDA-accelerated DuoSDK which performs the stereo depth field competition.

Technically both are plug-and-play, as they should be creating /dev/video nodes (V4L2) supplying the raw video.
Are you getting a new /dev/video* node or dmesg output after you plug in your ZED?

Yes, but there was a “cannot find camera” message on running them

Hi ryanz2v0a,

If monochrome sensor will work for you, you can consider Tara, the stereo camera from e-con systems : Tara is a UVC- compliant 3D Stereo camera based on MT9V024 stereo sensor from ON Semiconductor which supports WVGA((2*752)x480) at 60fps over USB 3.0 in uncompressed format.

Hey SubramanianMK, thanks for the suggestion! Are you a representative from e-con system? I’d like a confirmation is it works (plug and play or not) with TX2 and JetPack 3.1

Hi ryanz2v0a,

Yes, I am a product developement engineer at e-con.

We have tested Tara on TX2 with older JetPack 3.0 (L4T r27.1) successfully. Since Tara is a USB camera, it should work with TX2 + JatPack 3.2, too, as is. Will internally check and re-confirm if we have already tested Tara with TX2+JetPack 3.1, since we had plans for the same.

Thanks! I look forward to hearing good news from you!

Hi ryanz2v0a,

Confirming that we had successfully tested e-con’s stereo camera Tara, on TX2 running the latest NVIDIA BSP production release JetPack 3.1 (L4T r28.1) too.

Hope this is indeed good news for you!

Let us know if we can be of any other help.