ZED camera not detected

This is how it shows up on linux: (output of lsusb)

Bus 003 Device 008: ID 05a9:0580 OmniVision Technologies, Inc.

I dont understand why it is showing up as Omnivision Technologies.

Also, ls /dev/video* does not detect the device.




I know nothing about the camera itself, but the output from lsusb is read directly from the USB chip in the device…if it says “OmniVision Technologies, Inc.”, it is because this was programmed into the chip. In order to get your own manufacturer and device ID from USB.org you would have to pay a hefty fee. Many USB chip vendors offer to use their ID for their customers that use their chips…if “OmniVision Technologies, Inc.” does not match the actual camera naming, then “OmniVision Technologies, Inc.” would be the chip vendor or some other partner in the supply chain.

For more detailed USB info:

sudo lsusb -t
sudo lsusb -d 05a9:0580 -vvv

I’m also not a “video guy”, but if “/dev/video#” shows up at all, this means the driver is in place. If the device special file is there but does not work, it is possible that the device does not implement the USB Video Class interface…in some cases it is obvious that the device is a UVC device, and mysteriously does not function when using a USB2 interface…some devices which demand USB3 do not make available the necessary UVC functions for slower USB2, and only publish their interface under USB3…if USB3 isn’t there and isn’t published under USB2, then the device does not completely show up. Is the camera using USB3, and is the connection entirely USB3 (including HUB if a HUB is used)?

Hi akkasuddin,

There are many users who can get the ZED camera working with Jetson TX1/TK1 already.
Have you resolved the ZED camera detection issue?

By referring the link below, you will need to connect your ZED camera on USB3 port:


Hi akkasuddin,
A colleague of mine has the same exact problem… with two ZEDs.
The problem seems to be related to the firmware update requested by Stereolabs SDK v1.0.0

He tried to install the new SDK on Jetson TX1 updated with Jetpack 2.2 32 bit and the two ZED stopped working also on systems with older Jetpack 2.1 and SDK v0.9.4 where previously worked without any issue.

Can you please describe me the procedure that you followed to get to this problem?

I know that my colleague contacted also the Stereolabs support and they confirmed that the problem is related to a broken update of the Firmware on the ZED camera… but they do not have a solution yet from what I know.

Let’s keep in touch if we have any news or solutions.


PS I have not updated my ZED yet because I heard about this problem and I don’t want to risk unless I’m sure that everything is working well…

I have contacted ZED and they replaced the camera. They confirmed that it is a problem with the broken upgrade mechanism.

I have been struggling with the same problem. ZED said to use a Windows environment to do the firmware upgrade. I did that and Explorer ran in the Windows environment but when the camera was connected to the TX1 it would no longer see the camera.

Still trying to get a solution from ZED.

I am having a similar problem with my TX2 running Jetpack 3.1, how did you ultimately resolve the issue?

I’d suggest to install firmware 1142 on ZED Camera. This can also be done on Ubuntu host with ZED SDK 2.2.1.
As you’re running a TX2, then install SDK 2.3 for JetPack3.1 on Jetson TX2.