Install Nvidia Prime drivers for GTX 1650Ti & AMD/ATI Renoir & Debian 11

Hey Everyone :)

First Marry Christmas for everyone.
Im goging to try one more time and probably last to install Nvidia drivers for my laptop on Debian 11. I have been trying so many times and never done successfully. Always black screen or some crashes. The only linux were drivers were working was ubuntu because installation was automatically :P I was trying install it on many and different ways but never succeeded. Used to read many articles, tips and posts from this forum, never worked :( Does exist some official tutorial, installation guide or any steps in the correct order which “say” how to install this driver ? I would be really graceful for any help. Thank you!

The recommended way is always to use the driver from the repo of your distribution:

Since you’re trying to install it on a hybrid graphics notebook (AMD/Nvidia) and the AMD igpu is driving the internal display, there are more requirements to be met, i.e. kernel version (for amdgpu) and Xorg version (for render offload etc.).