Install OpenGL4.3 on ubuntu 18.04LTS

I want to install OpenGL 4.3 on a host machine with cuda10.2+driver 460.91.03+Tesla V100. Currently, I got OpenGL3.3. My problem is that when I try “apt update& apt upgrade”, there is nothing to be upgraded but the OpenGL version is still 3.3. Did anyone successfully install OpenGL 4.3 with the same environment? Is it possible that the driver version is not correct? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
This is my current OpenGL and GLX version:

Hi @hengxuy !

My recommendation would be to start over with a clean Ubuntu installation. Follow step-by-step guides on the installation of CUDA, ideally removing any other GPU drivers or OpenGL version before starting, and then installing OpenGL 4.3 manually. The driver should be compatible.
The default apt upgrade will only follow the pre-defined package settings for the Linux distribution and in your case that might still be OGL 3.3 for some reason.
That is why I would go for a re-install, to avoid any lingering old libraries that break dependencies.

I hope I could help!