Cannot install OpenGL on ubuntu18.04


I have been struggling with this OpenGL version issue for almost a week. I planned to build Driver software10.0 on my host pc with ubuntu18.04lts system. I successfully built the required environment with CUDA 10.2 and driver version 440.82. I could also run the test sample helloworld on my pc. However, when I try drivenet, there is an error as follow:
So I run a testing sample like this and the result shows that my driver only supports OpenGL 3.3. I’m just wondering if we have to use OpenGL 4.X to run drivenet.

Hi @hengxuy ,

I am not able to give you a definite answer to your question, but I think if this topic would be in the driveworks subcategory, even if it is not Drive PX2 specific, it will get more attention.

I moved the topic over, i hope that is ok.

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Dear @hengxuy,
Please confirm if the used platform is DRIVE AGX platform. If so, please use DRIVE AGX General - NVIDIA Developer Forums next time to post your question for DRIVE AGX platform.

Could you confirm if you still have any issue?