Installation of Tensorflow on Jetpack 4.3

When I was using Jetpack 4.3 on my jetson nano six months back then I was able to install tensorflow-gpu == 1.15.0 using command

sudo pip3 install --pre --extra-index-url tensorflow-gpu==1.15.0+nv19.12

but now the same command is not working

Please see the screenshot attached

All my projects are on tf==1.15.0


We are checking this issue internally.
Will update more information with you later.


Nothing is working
Even open cv is not being installed successfully
Please help me

I fear if updated version of Nano is not supporting Jetpack 4.3


Sorry for the inconvenience.
We can reproduce this issue and now is checking it with our internal team.

Will share more information with you later.


We found this issue is related to the newer pip3 tool.
Please downgrade pip3 to v20.2.4, and try it again.

$ sudo pip3 install -U pip==20.2.4
$ sudo pip3 install --pre --extra-index-url tensorflow-gpu==1.15.0+nv19.12


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