Installing DLib 19.24.2 on the Jetson Nano

Need help carrying out the installation of Dlib 19.24.2 from this link or this link.

If I’m using this link do I just download & extract the .zip file, and would DLib be successfully be installled or do I have to carry out any additional steps ?

Also, if I choose to install the dlib-19.24.2.tar.gz from the second link above, what commands to I need to run?

Ps- I’m using JetPack 4.6.1 on the Jetson nano.

Please refer to this post and give it a try:
Issue installing dlib on Jetson AGX Xavier - #6 by AastaLLL

You may try to install 19.17 first to make sure it works. And then try 19.24.2

I’ve installed and extracted the source from this link then carried out the

sudo python3 install

command from the dlib directory.

Later on my terminal, to check if I’ve installed it correctly I ran:

import dlib 

This returned the correct version: 19.24.2 With this have I installed Dlib correctly or am I missing anything?

We are not sure which link is the official one. Probably both are good and you can pick either one.
Or may download from Index of /files

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