Installing nvidia manually with cuda tool kit 10.1

Hi there to all

I am new here and also new user to linux as well

Tensor flow 2.3.0 support cuda tool kit 10.01
And i tried so many times to do that but every time i am failed

Can somebody guide me how to install nvidia driver manually and which steps should i take before installing

For example what are pre requisite for installing this

And what is the list before installing cuda tool kit manually

My graphic card is gtx 960 M
So how can i install nvidia driver with cuda 10.0 and there other dependencies

It will be handy if some one guide me step by step because i am totally new in the linux ,

A lot of thank you in advance


If you are using Ubuntu 18.04, you can look at these links.

You can follow these steps to install nvidia driver

With this link, you can install CUDA 10.0

Any pre requisite? And which link should i do first? Install nvidia driver then cuda ?

These links include every steps, so you dont need prerequisite.
Firstly, you need to install nvidia driver and then cuda.