Procedure to install driver and CUDA


I just want to be clear about the correct way to do this. Let’s say when you have a freshly installed Ubuntu on the PC with single or multiple GPUs.

  1. Driver. As far as I know, there are three ways to install NVIDIA drivers:
    (1) Download from NVIDIA official website, usually a .run file and install from TTY.
    (2) Install from a PPA (never tried)
    (3) From Additional Drivers click to choose the so-called tested NVIDIA proprietary driver, e.g. nvidia-384. (used a lot before)

So which one is the recommended way to install driver?

  1. CUDA. As far as I know, the .deb CUDA installation file does not include driver while for the .run file, you have the option to choose to install driver or not. Please correct me if I’m wrong. It follows another question that do I have to install the driver first(separately) before I install CUDA toolkit? Or I could do the following combinations depends on different cases:
    (1) Install driver separately and install CUDA using .run but answer NO to driver option.
    (2) Install driver separately and install CUDA using .deb
    (3) Directly install CUDA using .run and answer YES to the driver option.

Please let me know if I understand the whole thing right? Thank you guys!

You may want to read the linux install guide: