Installing xgboost package

I was trying to install the package xgboost on my nano board, and its failed.
I tried command python3 -m pip install xgboost but the command fails with error message:
Failed building wheel for xgboost
I have Python version 3.6.9
and pip3 version 20.1

I have also tried following the instructions from and failed since the cmake version was less than 3.13.
So if anyone has any idea to try it will be helpful.
Ashik P.

Hi ashik.p,

We haven’t try xgboost, not sure if can work, may other developers share experiences if they done similar.

I am trying to train an XGBoost model on my WSL2-Ubuntu 20.04 setup. However, I get an error on my local machine when I set ‘tree_method’: ‘gpu_hist’ in params:

"Exception in gpu hist: NCCL failure : unhandled system error"

I can fit a model using ‘tree_method’: ‘hist’ although is now fitting on the CPU rather than the GPU, which defeats the purpose of using RAPIDS+Cuda!

Note as part of your DLI course FUNDAMENTALS OF ACCELERATED DATA SCIENCE WITH RAPIDS, I was able to train an XGBoost model on the GPU cluster, i.e. with ‘tree_method’: ‘gpu_hist’ in params.

Any suggestions?