Interfacing GiGE cameras with PX2

What would be the best way to extend the ethernet ports on PX2 to interface 5 GiGE cameras?

Dear ana9017,

DrivePX2 provides 10G/1G Ethernet port so you can configure the port.
Could you please let me know your camera configuration in detail? Thanks.

Hi SteveNV,

I am using Point Grey’s Blackfly GigE cameras. I have successfully tested connection of a single camera on the 10G port using FlyCapture as well as pointgrey ros drivers. While working on TX1, I was able to interface multiple GigE cameras using interface card on PCIe port. It seems that for PX2 this is provided through the PCIe 10G ethernet port? Is this the best way to extend the ethernet ports? Also, is there any PoE enabled port on PX2?


Dear ana9017,

Unfortunately, DrivePX2 don’t have PCIe port. Please see below DPX2 block diagram.

So I think the ethernet ports is one of best way to extend. Thanks.

Thanks SteveNV!