Drive PX2 Ethernet bandwidth

What’s the ethernet bandwidth of TegraA and TegraB on PX2? Are they the same?

I have been looking into the forum and found different answers.
Said the bandwidth is 1Gbps.
Said the bandwidth is 10Gb/s

Which one is correct?

Dear zhuce_cgf,

Please see the following links for your topic. Thanks.

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Setting Up Networking on the Host and Target (Optional)

So on PX2, one ethernet is 1gbps , another is 10gbps. Am I correct?

Dear zhuce_cgf,
Yes, however physically DPX2 has 3 ethernet ports.

Yes, I find one on the cable. What’s this third port for? Does it connect to A or B? What’s the bandwidth of it?

Thanks for the answering.

Hi zhuce_cgf,

Have you managed to get 3 Ethernet ports?
Still an issue to clarify?


Hi zhuce_cgf,

Please refer to for the cable ether port bandwidth(Gigabit ethernet).

You can access the cable ether port via TegraA/B. Thanks.