How to use 10-Gb Ethernet in tegraB


When ifconfig in tegraA, I can see enp3s0 (is this the 10-Gb Ethernet) and eth0; when ifonfig in tegraB I can see eth0.
According to, I switch 10-Gb Ethernet from Tegra A to Tegra B.
But I can only see eth0 in both TegraA and TegraB, so How can I use 10-Gb Ethernet in tegraB

In the document, I know that “Tegra B reset is not supported when the 10Gb Ethernet port is part of the Tegra B virtual PCIe domain (VS1).” So, if I have same way to use 10-Gb Ethernet directly, when I restart TegraA and tegraB.


Dear denglong,

If you’re using PDK, please update new PDK( and refer to updated doc( instead of old version)

Dear Steve

I think the upgrade may lead to other effects on my system, so I will use 10-Gb Ethernet in tegraA with enp3s0.