Can we communicate sensors via all ethernet interfaces from Drixe Px2 for AutoChauffeur


In our project we have 2 sensors which have to communicate with ethernet interface. When ı look nvidia drive px2 hardware documents drive px2 have 3 ethernet ports. But we are not sure these ports provide communication with these type of sensors.
Can we use all available ethernet ports on drive px2 for ethernet communication ?

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Dear @gungor_i,
May I know the sensors you planned to use with DRIVE PX2?

Our sensors are lms111-1010 and vlp-16.

Dear @gungor_i,
VLP16 is natively supported on last DRIVE PX2 SW release. You may check connecting vlp16 lidar and search in forum in case of any issue.

Okey, I understand that. I want to know we have multiple sensors have to connect via ethernet. Except ethernet connection in harness can we use other ethernet ports to communication with sensors ?

Dear @gungor_i,
Did you check connecting your lidar and able to ping from PX2?

sensors havent come yet so we can work only teorically about it.