Invert normals doesn't work with command line nvtt_export

I’m using nvtt_export on the command line because it has that options I need. However I am finding that --normal-invert-y is not inverting the green channel as it says it should. I get the same image result either with or without the option. I’m outputting BC5.

Hi @dave! I just tested this with 2024.1.0 and it seems to have worked – I could be missing something, though, so if you could send me the command line that doesn’t work, it’d be much appreciated!

Here’s the image I’m testing with:

Here’s it converted to normals with Y flipped, using the command line

nvtt_export.exe pebbles-nvtt2.png --to-normal --normal-invert-y -f bc5 -o (569.7 KB)

And here’s it converted to normals without Y flipped, using

nvtt_export.exe pebbles-nvtt2.png --to-normal -f bc5 -o (569.7 KB)