IoT and Home Automation: Riva and Issac?

Working on a voice and gesture home automation system to control IoT devices (heaters, lights, sensors) . Do I need to bring the Isaac SDK in as well as Riva to control servos and Iot devices? Would anyone have a workflow diagram on this process? Using Jetson edge appliances (nano and xavier). Thanks for any input.

Hi @vanessa.crosby, Riva isn’t available for Jetson, however you can try using the jetson-voice container for ASR/NLP/TTS:

We don’t have a dedicated SDK for IoT devices (Isaac is for robotics), so you may want to look into other software for that. I had checked out before which looked promising but didn’t actually try it out myself. Good luck with your project!

Sorry I dont understand how its not available for Jetson. I just loaded Riva quickstart beta 1.7 on my NX and it seems to be doing fine… Can you explain what will be missing?

For sanity’s sake I tried this myself, and when you go to run the scripts it throws errors (as expected)

riva_quickstart_v1.7.0-beta $ sudo bash
WARNING: The requested image's platform (linux/amd64) does not match the detected host platform (linux/arm64/v8) and no specific platform was requested

Dusty thanks for your answers. Ok yes, I see that error. Is there a plan to integrate Riva into the NX? If so a time line for that?

Thanks, it is something that we have begun looking into from an engineering perspective but don’t have formal release timeline to share for it at this point.

Which Nvidia edge device do you recommend until NX and Riva are compatible?

My recommendation would be to continue with Xavier and use the jetson-voice ASR/NLP/TTS implementations until Riva is compatible.

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