Is it possible to reassign Debug Uart 3 to Uart 1 or 2 on jetson Xavier SOM

Our carrier board did not provide connections to H62 and K60 which are the debug UART RX and TX. Is there any way to map the kernel output to one of the other UART’s so that we can observe the boot up messages.

hello mitchell.kary,

I’m moving this topic to the according category since this is question regrading to Jetson AGX Xavier,

hello mitchell.kary,

please also access Jetson AGX Xavier Series Product Design Guide, and check chapter-13 for the [Figure 13-7. Jetson AGX Xavier UART Connections] for reference,
you may also refer to this discussion thread as see-also, Xavier4.3, How can I debug with ttyTSH0 instead of ttyTCU0? - #26 by JerryChang

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