Is it possible to run EtherCAT on TX1?

Hi! I’m hoping to run EtherCAT on the Ethernet interface on TX1. I saw that EtherCAT can be supported on any Ethernet MAC. However, it has never been reported if anyone succeeded or failed to do so. So I was wondering if it is possible to run EtherCAT on TX1.

Thank you!

I don’t have anything to test with (nothing using EtherCAT), but did compile and run the “simple_test” program for version 1.3.1 found here:

I basically ran “source ./ linux”, and “make -j4 all”, which had some warnings which can probably be ignored most of the time, but otherwise it built without issue. The test system is a TX2 using L4T R28.1…the TX1’s latest release is also L4T R28.1.

Then cd to the “test/linux/simple_test/” directory, and ran “sudo ./simple_test eth0”, which worked other than not having any slave devices to talk to.