Is it possible to use generic ARM kernel 6.8?

The patches listed in Bring Your Own Kernel — NVIDIA Jetson Linux Developer Guide 1 documentation are already bundled in the latest 6.8 kernel.

Does this mean we can install generic Linux (e.g., Ubuntu 24.04) now? Use UEFI and manual adding JetPack OOT modules and runtimes after the installation

Yes, please follow the guidance and give it a try. Please ensure the two patches are in K6.8:

Bring Your Own Kernel — NVIDIA Jetson Linux Developer Guide 1 documentation
92a511a568e4 fbdev/simplefb: Add support for generic power-domains
8ddfc01ace51 fbdev/simplefb: Support memory-region property

I haven’t checked from the Linux source code yet, but according to, the two patches are in K6.8. Does it mean I no longer need to do any cherry-pick?

I revisited the document and saw that there’s a step that updates the kernel config. So, I still need to use the SDK manager to compile the new kernel. Is this correct?

Is there any doc to show how to install an unsupported Linux distro? In my Ubuntu 24.04 host machine, the SDK manager GUI says “No available releases for host OS: Ubuntu 24.04” so I can’t proceed.

If the two patches are present, you don’t need to cherrypick the commits. We would suggest

  1. Follow the developer guide to build and apply K6.8 with default rootfs(Ubuntu 22.04)
  2. Check with Canonical for upgrading Ubuntu version

yes, I’ve installed with jetpack 6 GA. So, upgrade to ubuntu 24.04 will be possible.

I’ve posted on forum: Kernel 6.8.9 Announcement Compatibility @DaneLLL @jasl9187

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