Upgrade kernel version on Jetson TX2 NX from 4.9.x to 5.6 and up (Jetpack 4.6, R32.6.1))

Has someone tried porting the Linux Kernel in R32.61 from version 4.9 to 5.6 or above? Can I get some directions on how to proceed?

That’s out of our support scope, hope someone can share experiences with you.

Can you please provide me with the following details?

  1. Upto which Jetpack and Kernel version does the TX2 NX SoM support?
  2. What kind of challenges can I expect while porting to any version above 5.6, from the current supported version?

JetPack 4.6.4 and kernel 4.9 is the latest one you can get on TX2.

You have to port a bunch of downstream drivers from the 4.9 kernel provided by us to the version you need, and we don’t guarantee they will work since there might be major changes in kernel API.

Thanks @DaveYYY ,
Are there some guides or communities available where I can refer while porting and debugging in case of any errors?

NO, we don’t officially support it so that’s the work you have to do.

For most drivers which are unrelated to the GPU and unrelated to boot any information on 64-bit ARM (arm64/aarch64) porting is likely accurate. That isn’t specifically a “Jetson” thing. But you must keep the rest of the kernel config the same as on the existing kernel, and then add any newly configured content.

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