Jetson TX2 Kernel v5.4+ Support


I was curious as to whether or not there are any development plans to support Linux Kernel versions newer than 4.9 on the Jetson TX2. Specifically, the v5.4+ kernel has some J1939 support enabled with the can-utils package that I would be interested in.

I appreciate your time!

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Hi ss2145,

That’s under planning, however there is no confirmed schedule yet.
You can get the SW roadmap info from:

Hi kayccc,

Thank you for your response! Glad to hear it is at least in the planning stages.

In the meantime, to attempt to do so myself, do you have any guides you would recommend beyond the Kernel Customization section of the NVIDIA Jetson Developer Guide

I don’t know where you would find the information, but you may find that the way the device tree communicates parameters to drivers is the same on many drivers for 4.x kernels versus 5.x kernels, but in a few cases, if a driver fails for a piece of hardware which is integrated to the Jetson (not over PCIe and not over USB, but using a hardware controller base address), then you will have to adapt that particular device tree section to use the 5.x syntax.

Personally, if I were doing this, I’d try with the existing device tree, expect it to fail in some/many areas, and then look at the logs to see which drivers/hardware fail. Then I’d look at the 4.x tree information, and compare it to the docs on call arguments to those functions/drivers to know what has to be updated for device tree. This is probably only a small part of what would need change, but might be a good start.