JETSON TX2 Linux kernel 5.0 and up (from Linux Kernel 4.9)

Is there a way to update Jetson TX2 to Linux kernel 5.0 and up ? the latest from Nvidia is 4.9 .

Please point me out to a repo or a source code that I can install on Jetson TX2 board that has Linux kernel 5.0 or up . or any possibility of a work around

We have no plan to upgrade r32 releases to kernel 5.x. May see if other users try to port it and can share experience.

what is the main issue of updating to 5.0 as far as the jetson board is concerned , Are there specific drivers or boot loader needed ?

We implement new features for next release(s) and it is a stable environment with fixed kernel version. For upgrading kernel version, we would need full effort from SQA and development teams to ensure it is as stable as previous kernel version. Maintaining stability and resolving possible regressions may eat up all resources. In this condition it is difficult to do feature development. So currently we would keep the kernel version for r32 releases.

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