JetPack with latest kernel support

We are trying to build a solution with below setup:
Jetson Xavier NX + Microchips PCIe Switch + Microchips LAN7431 Ethernet Bridge + Microchips LAN9668 Ethernet Switch.

The problem here is:

  1. PCIe switch drivers (switchtec) initial support is added from kernel 4.12
  2. PCIe NTB drivers (switchtec) initial support is added from kernel 4.16
  3. LAN7431 intial driver support is added in 4.17
  4. LAN9668 is a latest switch and expecting patches on top of latest kernel from Microchip.

All of these are having lots of bug fixes and enhancement patches submitted until the latest kernel 5.16. But JetPAck is on top of kernel 4.9. Could you please help us providing jetPack on top of latest kernel.

I don’t know when the next major release of JetPack/SDK Manager comes out, nor do I know which specific kernel will be used, but it should be “soon”, and would be a 5.x kernel. If you can wait a short time, then this might be the way to go. Actually porting a 5.x kernel to replace the current Ubuntu 18.04 (which is 4.x kernel) would be a huge undertaking.

Thanks for the quick reply. By any chance can you let us know the estimations for jetpack with 5.x kernel release. Like whether it is in order of weeks or months…

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please refer to the roadmap.

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