LAN7431 Ethernet bridge support in Jetpack 4.6.1

Hi All.
We want to integrate LAN7431 with Jetson Xavior NX. We tried to go through the kernel sources of Jetpack4.6.1 and did not find support for LAN7431. When we discussed the same with Microchip , they said it is supported in Jetpack as they see it before. Could please help confirming whether we have support for LAN7431 in Jetpack4.6.1, If yes, please point us to the sources as we could not find it in source we are looking at.

Thanks in advance,
Ravishankar G


All the source code is in L4T Archive | NVIDIA Developer

Thanks for the quick reply. We too checked the same sources for LAN7431 support and did not find LAN743x/1 drivers (under public_sources/Linux_for_Tegra/source/public/kernel_src/kernel/kernel-4.9/drivers/net/ethernet/microchip). As Microchip claims that it is having support, by any chance do nvidia have any external patch for the same.


This is vendor driver. If our source code does not have it, then it is not officially supported on our side.

If the vendor says it is supported, then you can ask them to provide a driver code that can run in kernel 4.9.

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