Is Jetson TX2 supporting RDMA?

Not sure am I questioning right, but is the Jetson TX2 supporting RDMA?

Seems like Jetson Xavier could be used for RDMA with Ethernet and Infiniband but I could not find any information.

The recent information I got was on 12/14/2018 and it said RDMA is planned only for GPU so TX2 might not supported.

I do have some another stupid question:

  1. If there are ethernet, can RDMA system be implemented?
  2. I found 3 protocols (iWARP, infiniband, Roce) does each protocols need different machines?
  3. Got the idea of NIC card but do I need different NIC card for RDMA? I seached ‘RDMA NIC card’ but nothing comes up.

This is a very first time to distributed system, so I’m quite lost.
Thanks :)

Do you mean CUDA RDMA?

I…guess so…?
I do have a TX2 machine but not the Xavier so I was wandering if TX2 could be implemented for RDMA system also.
(Those two are different types, right?)

From the link, Jetpack 4.2 does support GPUdirect but not sure with TX2 does.

Not sure with CUDA RDMA… but could I access memory directly of other TX2 machine without calling CPU?
Thought that’s what’RDMA’ means!

Thanks WayneWWW :)

Hi lync2846,

Sorry that I don’t think TX2 has this capability. Even Xavier does not enable such function yet.
I will let you know if there is any plan for it.

Thanks for the help :)