Is new macbook cuda-enabled?

Is new macbook cuda-enabled?

The new model is…MACBOOK-13-INCH

But, I couldn’t find on a supported model page. (9400M model)

(URL :

Yes, all the new NVIDIA based Macs support CUDA.

It might help to point out (or maybe I will be cursed for nit-picking - it would not be first time) but although they have a GPU, none of the MacBooks are Cuda-ENABLED when you buy them. You DO have to download the drivers, toolkit and SDK and set it up.

A former girlfriend once said I was unlikely to die of old age (the one that was Cooking-enabled but did not provide Cooking-support).

Could you explain exact(or rough) procedures to make cuda-enabled development environment?

If you are busy, please let me know the related URL or tutorial page.

It will be very helpful to this community.

Well, for a Macbook you should start with the instructions at

When I do a new install the next thing I do is to

cd /Developer/Cuda

and run


THere are some environment commands to set, but I suggest you follow the instructions on the installer screens and run through the other posts on this forum for help if you need it.