Is nvidia-340.102 with Kernel 3.13 supported at all?

I have tried to use nvidia-340.102 with Kernel 3.13 in Kubuntu 14.04 32 bit and GeForce 8400. I did not get this working, even though I saw a successfully build dkms module.

It worked only using the xenial-hwe stack and kernel. We don’t want to update all our clients to xenial-hwe without need.

Should nvidia-340.102 and kernel 3.13 theoretically work? Is this combination supported by nvidia-340.102? Is there a list of supported kernels?

Yes. Most likely. There’s no such list. Almost all kernels released for the past 5 years are “supported” (in quotes because officially only RHEL6/7 kernels are guaranteed to work) except the most recent ones where there are API changes which regularly break NVIDIA drivers.

Thank you very much for your answer. It seems to work now.

My tests were bad - I tried to downgrade from an up-to-date kubuntu with xenial-hwe to kernel 3.13 which doesn’t work well.
Also the binary installer from nvidia didn’t work out of the box on another system with trusty-hwe and kernel 3.13.
On a fresh installed 3.13 based pc and ubuntu nvidia packages it seems to work.