Is SimReady Explorer extension not available in CODE?

I am following the SimReady Tutorial and cannot find the SimReady Explorer extension in CODE. Is SimReady not available for CODE?


@und_miller the SimReady Explorer is here on my end (i am on Code ver. 2023.1.1). that said, even though the extension is enabled, you’d still want to toggle it on; the tab is not there by default. to toggle it, simply go to Window > Browsers > SimReady Explorer


Sorry, I should have posted which version of CODE that I am using. I am currently using CODE 2022.3.3 because 2023.1.1 is still in Beta.

i probably won’t let that deter you from using beta versions, though. many treats it as actual ‘releases’ since it contains many bugfixes and updates (including extensions such as the SimReady Explorer). but it’s a personal call.

@und_miller Just to add to that, please ALWAYS use our Beta, or our latest release. Do not let the tag “Beta” put you off. We tend to keep things in Beta a very long time. I would strongly recommend you always update to the very latest version, regardless of prefix. In this case you are far better off with the latest Code of 2023.1.1

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