Settings widget not found


in some older Create version there was an extension to search settings values. That was very helpful. But in newer versions of create this extension is missing. Instead there is a new extension “settings quick search”, but it is a complete miracle how to open that search window… am I blind? :-)


Hey @c.bickmeier. Are you talking about omni.kit.debug.settings? It’s still available in Code. Would this still be useful to you in Create?

Hi Mati,

yes thats the extension I`m talking about. Thanks for the info that it is still available in Code. I think it is generally good to have in all Kit-based applications because I use this often to find out what settings are available and this depends on the available / activated extensions… and not all extensions are available in all apps .


Sounds good. I went back to older versions of Create and I didn’t find it, but I’ve shared this feedback with the Create team.

It is missing since 4 or five releases