How to enable tracy for Isaac-sim?

I got the ERROR log as below when trying to enable tracy on profiler windows of Isaac-sim 22.1.1
Please help, thanks.

2022-11-04 01:23:06 [156,825ms] [Error] [omni.ext.plugin] Failed to resolve extension dependencies. Failure hints:
Can’t find extension with name: omni.kit.profiler.tracy
Available versions:
(none found)

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Are you able to go to window->Extensions and then search for tracy and install it from there before you try to access it through the F8 window?

I cannot find “tracy” from Extension manager.

If it’s not in the general section on the Extension manager, it could be because it’s marked internal? Or it could be that I am using a developer build. Sorry for the confusion.

This issue remains in 2022.2.0

The extension is not part of Isaac sim, we will see if it’s possible to make it public for future releases.

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