Is there a pre-built USD which has include and release folders/files for c++

is there a source where i can get the pre-built USD for c++, which has debug, release and include folders

for the latest version

or a simple idoits guide on how to do this, step by step

the instructions only get me so far on how to do it

I think the best we can do for you here is this page. It has some downloadable content here Pixar Universal Scene Description USD | NVIDIA Developer

Hi @anthonynigelbrown! Welcome to the forums!

Like Richard pointed out, we provide prebuilt binaries, but currently only Release versions to help developers get started quickly and also as an easy way to try out the USD Toolset. 24.03 and 24.05 should hopefully be up this week.

The OpenUSD build process has been streamlined significantly over the years and we recommend that developers build OpenUSD for themselves after they’ve had a chance to experiment with the prebuilt binaries. Some questions for you:

  1. Have you tried building OpenUSD? Are you running into any challenges?
  2. Is there a reason why you would want to rely on prebuilt binaries rather than building OpenUSD with the dependencies that you choose?

We don’t have any step by step tutorials for building OpenUSD or including it in a project today, but I think that’s a good idea. I could have used that when I got started. For including OpenUSD as a dependency in another project, I recommend taking a look at this simple app example: GitHub - meshula/tinyusd: A really small getting-started project for USD based projects or these USD plugin examples: GitHub - wetadigital/USDPluginExamples: Simple Examples to demonstrate how to compile and build USD plugins.