Is there a Python way to get and / or set the USD Root Layer path for a scene?

I notice this value is different for every project.

Thanks, I need this to create a Physics Scene automatically. The commands Window shows the value of the current project, but to reuse the code I need the current scene’s value.

try this?

from pxr import Usd

stage = omni.usd.get_context().get_stage()
layer = stage.GetRootLayer()

it’s different each time because the file was never saved. so they become ‘temp’ files, or ‘anon’ in memory each time you do file > new, i think. once saved, the layer path will become the path of the USD file.

Thank you, I will try it shortly.

That worked! And you are correct, once saved the Root Layer path becomes the path to the USD project.

Many thanks.

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