Is there any kind of documentation for Nsight Systems' sqlite output?

Hi, I would like to create a program which uses Nsight Systems’ sqlite output file to generate some report about my deep learning job.
Some columns and tables are quite straight forward, but for some columns, I need brief explaination.

For example, I would like to get the pid and tid from globalTid in OSRT_API table.
and also I would like to know what eventClass is,
and so on.

So is there any kind of documentation for tables or columns in sqlite output?
Any reference will be fine, for example, comments in the source code maybe?

Many thanks.

Hello, you can find more information about the SQLite export schema and format in the documentation/nsys-exporter directory of your nsys install directory.

Thank you for your reply, this is the exact solution.

In my case, I could find


based on the following information

root@cl-platform-gpu02:/usr/local/cuda-11.3/NsightSystems-cli-2021.1.3/documentation/nsys-exporter# which nsys
root@cl-platform-gpu02:/usr/local/cuda-11.3/NsightSystems-cli-2021.1.3/documentation/nsys-exporter# ll /usr/local/cuda/bin/nsys
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 69 Apr 23 07:20 /usr/local/cuda/bin/nsys -> /usr/local/cuda-11.3/NsightSystems-cli-2021.1.3/target-linux-x64/nsys*

in the target device.

or, in the host windows device

C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Nsight Systems 2021.2.1\documentation\nsys-exporter

Thank you very much!

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