Is there any plan to release the JetPack with Ubuntu 20.04?


Interested in know if there are any planned releases for the JetPack with Ubuntu 20.04? if so, then when is the release planned for?

Thank you

Hi rj_92,

Yes, we plan to have Ubuntu 20.04 support at 2021/2H, please refer to the SW roadmap:

well, if you need ubuntu 20.04 (or 20.10, or develop) you can try to swap bionic with focal (or groovy, or devel to go rolling) in /etc/apt/sources.list and try
i just tried devel today and guess what? everything seems to work. I had some conflicts but nothing too difficult to solve.
On the other hand, if you need a newer kernel, it’s a completely different beast, for now we ate stuck with 4.9

Thank you for the quick response.

Requested features: KVM and xubuntu.
Xubuntu is more responsive and muhc lower on resources compared to Gnome without really missing out anything.

SW roadmap does not mention Ubuntu 20.04 at all, am I missing something?

Please support it, all our development machines/envs were moved to 20.04 early last year already.

The roadmap page shows Jetpack 5.x in Q1-2022 will be based on Ubuntu 20.04. However it also says production release of 5.0 will be in 2H-2022.